Powder Photography!

Posted 2/28 2014

IMG_0003 Join us for one of the most fun, insanely messy yet totally worth it shoots here! We love throwing hundreds of pounds of powder around here at Little Boxes. These shoots are not for the gluten free folks. Clouds of flour in the air all day long…sometimes we keep it going for up to a week just because it’s such an intensely huge clean up job.

Our next opportunity starts this Saturday September 24 through as late as the 29th ( depending on confirmed interest in bookings). Reserve your half or full day, with or without A-K Arts as your models. You won’t be sorry! No other studio in the Bay Area is crazy enough to host this type of epic mess….

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A-K Arts Collective is the in-house dynamic duo here at Little Boxes Theater.

We love to play with somewhat messy concepts that recently include flour, ash, sugar & Holi powder!

We schedule group shoots, workshops, & meet up photography as often as there is confirmed interest, do contact us if you want to participate in these events as they are always a fun learning experience that updates your professional photography portfolio.


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