Holli-WOULD! Back in the Bay Photo Op!

_LSP3971.JPGSuper excited to have the incredibly awesome Holli Would back in the Bay Area!
Photoshoot opportunities with this rad babe on both sides of the camera!
Yep this one is a super quality Model-Ographer & a cool dude to boot.

Please DO send direct message with your requests & details for your ideal photoshoot concepts.  https://www.facebook.com/therealholliwould/


We will be hosting at least one all day arty party photoshoot madness for sure on September 4th here at Little Boxes Theater! 
Fun sets, backdrops, props, wardrobe, wigs, professional high powered strobes for action shots, natural light, & YOU…
Fun new promo pix for your arty lifestyle? Had a hair style change? Joined a boi band or hula hoop troupe?
We gotcha!
Holli Would is incredible to work with so let the booking begin 🙂


Feel free to donate to Holli Would’s PayPal to keep the creative funds flowing & covering expenses of the freelance artist & weirdo lifestyle. Keeping it REAL.


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