Events at Little Boxes Theater

Upcoming Events

  • TEMPTING FATE! Antic in a Drain (Artistic Director, Ross Travis) proudly presents the west coast tour of Tempting Fate, a satirical sideshow entertainment reflecting the house of mirrors called climate change. Balk at the science, bemoan the social impacts, and scream in horror at the political divide. Youll find yourself laughing at the grotesque hyperbole, and… Read more

Past Events


    March 31 & April 1 – 7-9pm Erik Wagner explores and practices intimacy in sharing two new works. In, As Close As Possible, two men orbit each other as the viewer is invited to the unfolding of possibility between them. Then an encore performance of, Coordinates, a collaboration with The Collective Attention which premiered at Dance Lovers, following a dynamic… Read more

  • Pagliacci at LBT

    10/30/2022 – 11/05/2022 We hosted Teatro Mistral in 2022 for four performances of Pagliacci. Read more

  • Rehabilitation

    1/15/2022 Rehabilitation was performed at Little Boxes Theater on January 15 2022. Read more

  • Me-OW!😻 At LBT – Get TIX

    02/25 and 02/26 2023 – Get TIX Me-OW! Meow! MEEEEEEEE-OW! We have been herding CATS!  What is Me-OW?! A deep, deep interpretation of all things MEOW related through acts of performance art and expressive cat acts. Feline olx of all kinds, will be taking over Little Boxes Theater to share their on-themed artistic works for… Read more

  • Hysteria at Little Boxes

    02/10 and 02/11 2023 Hysteria, designed and produced by Anna Yanushkevich and also featuring JD Lenzen, and Kitty Meow. Lighting by Aaron Simunovich, video production by Ron Spencer. Read more

  • New Years eve with Smoke&Mirrors

    12/31 2022 Smoke&Mirrors entertained New Years Eve revelers with circus acts, pole dancing, and plenty of suspension. Read more

Even more events past and present …