Instantly book Your Speciality Shoots with Little Boxes Theater!


Speciality Shoots with in house dream team Little Boxes Theater!

Lights, camera, action! Want us to make it rain? paint with metal sparks? powder photoshoot? explode into giant bubbles? Or maybe some other concept involving messy elements that most other studios won’t let you explore???? Please just ask first.......... Send us a note with your ideal style of shoot, date & time to start & end. Be sure to check out our calendar first for current availability of our speciality shoots here at Little Boxes!


All Specialty shoots are produced and shot by the in house artists of Little Boxes Theater. All shoots are available for aerial rigging and often pole as well. Our in-house staff is always here to work with you for the best shooting experience and portfolio building images. All specialty shoots have a learning curve and we’ve helped hundreds of models and photographers thru them all.  Individual timed slot are $200. per hour unless otherwise specified. We will secure your ideal shoot with an online deposit.

*Note. Some of these speciality shoots require many hours of labor to for set up and break down.  Please email us first to confirm your ideal shoot can be scheduled.  Please check our up to date calendar for current availability.

*Please bring an SD memory card (16GB at least). You will receive all of your RAW images directly after the shoot. If you would like LBT to edit your shots. $25 per image.


Sometimes you gotta dance in the rain! Why not do it inside, and walk away with a one of a kind photo? Our indoor “rain room” is 16×16, and is best suited for 2,3 people at a time, (tho we have hosted dance groups together for unique film productions.)  In-house staff is here to guide you thru the storm. Towels, a change of clothes & plastic bags for your wet things are a required for this shoot.


Filling out 30×30 of powder shooting area. This shoot is great for all ages and types. Traditional white powder as well as the entire rainbow. All you need know how to do is make a mess! 14×8 trampoline available to add extra “POP” to your shot.

Metal Sparx.                                                                                                                                        

Not for the faint of heart! This highly sought after light painting shot is accomplished thru the use of angle grinders and cold rolled steel. Worried? Don’t be! Our in-house staff will walk you thru all of the Safety First protocols required to ensure you have an exciting and one of a kind photo experience!

Giant Bubbles.   

It’s what we all want, right? A little bubble of our own. How about a Giant one? Capture yourself or a friend in that fleeting moment in a magical soap bubble. Just Add a little glitter and a fog machine or two. Insta magic. So much fun

***We also have done and will continue to execute other crazy & messy shoots like being covered in 40 pounds of honey, body paint parties, indecent amounts of glitter, dead sea mud, red white and pink dessert food fight, oiled up bodies, rose petals, confetti, so so much more.

Have a concept?

Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen!