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We warmly invite you to Little Boxes Theater

Our Mission:

Since we opened our doors we have encouraged inclusivity and diversity of race, class, cultural heritage, artistic expression, ability, gender identity, and sexual orientation. A space that’s physically and economically accessible to everyone.

We believe in the energizing power of Yes! We believe in the daisies that break thru the concrete.

We are here to provide the building blocks of production of unique new works and performance. A creative incubator with no limits.  

We are an artist-driven, queer feminist organization.

We are the fringe of the fringe.

A connecting flight.

We enjoy cultivating artists, engaging community, inspiring and opening audiences’ minds to the limitless experiences

A hidden gem, ‘old San Francisco’ style.  We are highly versatile, vibrant multi-use studio & black box style performing arts venue in the Dogpatch of San Francisco. We love to produce & host everything and anything such as Performance Art, Drag, Circus, Aerial, Pole Arts, Dance, Theater, Opera, Puppetry, Live Music, Gallery Showings, Private Events, Workshops, Photography and Film productions for 6 years and running! 

                       Expand the limitless visions of your imagination & reality. 


                                            LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

1661 Tennessee Street,  Suite #2s, (on the second floor)

(Cross Streets are Cesar Chavez & 3rd Street & located across from Veritable Vegetable) in the Dogpatch District of San Francisco in “sunny” California 94107 

-DIRECTIONS! aka how to get inside LITTLE BOXES:

Dial 101# at the callbox.

Take the lobby elevator to the 2nd floor. 

A few quick Lefts then stay Right turning down the larger hallway.

We are all the way down the large hallway on the Righthand side (past Lightsource)

The first time can be a little confusing but don’t worry, you’ll find us soon enough 🙂


                                                  TRAVELING TO LITTLE BOXES 

Public Transit- MUNI 3rd Rail stops across the street @Marin St & 3rd,  MUNI 22, 19, 48 also have nearby stops.

The Caltrain 22nd Street Station is a few short blocks away. 

Biking- 10-20 minutes to the Mission proper, SOMA, and FiDi

Commuting- close to both the 280 and the 101 freeways off ramps.

*FREE all day street parking with no meters or time restrictions.

However, we are in San Francisco & parking can be especially tricky during weekday mornings. Weekend & parking after 5 is easy peasy tho. 

UBER / LYFT / FLYWHEEL / CAB / CARPOOL are all great solutions to potentially problematic parking.


                                                              UNLOAD the easy way…

Drive up loading dock area is located on Tennessee Street & drive in garage is located on 26th Street. We have carts upstairs for you to borrow. There are two huge freight elevators for extra large stuff and things.

Please do let us know in advance when you are booking, especially if you have a heavy load and require or desire assistance.

Call upon arrival & if/when we are available, we are happy to show you around and help get you and all your stuff situated safely inside Little Boxes

Contact us: #415.603.0061 or #415.200.5481

For all booking inquires & details, please email:



                                                        SPECS & DETAILS 

The total studio space is 2600sqft measuring 80ft by 31ft wide

The height is approximately 14.5ft to the beams  

The Dance Floor & Stage  is 1300sqft (31ft x 40ft) *sprung wood & neoprene foam*

The Marley is Black & White reversible & we also have a Light Wooden look style.

                                          ********* Marley usage rules************                                    

no street shoes, tap shoes, stiletto heels, chewing gum, drinks (other than water) food, oils, lotions, glue, paint, or excessive rosin usage. Please DO NOT drag items, especially heavy ones with sharp corners. It can lead to punctures and scrapes which is very costly to repair & replace.

We aim to keep it as clean as possible and usable for all our current & future guests. Please be respectful of our requests.

If you don’t require Marley and/or would like to include street shoes or other prohibited items (as listed above) just let us know.

(*We do have a minimum re-taping fee $200. + LBT staff hours to switch flooring options . Generally it’s a good idea to contact well in advance & at the time of booking, as we require at least 3-4 hrs. We totally don’t mind but we do mind when damages occur and additional charges will occur.*)


                                      DAYLIGHT & BLACK OUT & CURTAINS

Our west facing wall of windows lets the natural light in all day & in the afternoon it streams beautifully across the walls. The sunsets here are incredible.

We have black out curtains to cover windows if you require the space to be dark.

We have floor to beam white curtains to create an all white airy feel.

We have studio mirrors on the dance floor which span 30ft.

There are also curtains to cover them completely if needed.


                                                            LIGHTS & GEAR LIST

*(4) Einsteins E640 strobes lights

*(2) Alien Bees B800 strobe lights

*(2) Paul C. Buff strip soft boxes with grids

* (2) 5ft umbrellas

*(1) Paul C. Buff 5ft Octobox

*(1) 42inch beauty dish 

*(4) standard reflectors with honeycomb grids (various sizes)

*(4) C stands 

*(3) rolling stands

*(1) rolling boom stand

*(5) Arris 650watt

*(2) Fresnels 1500watt LED

*(4) Kino Flos 4ft x 4ft bank 

*(10) Par 56 Tungsten theater lights

*(14) LED RBGW lights

*(1) Leprecon 2400 dimmer pack 

*American DJ Scene Setter 48 channel light board

*(2) video projectors

*assortment of colored gels 

*(5) fog machines

*(1) bubble machine

*(2) LED work lights

*(2) 12ft A -frame aluminum ladders

*(1) 5ft ladder


* an excessive amount of extension cords & power strips



The sound system is ‘plug & play’ style; an easy to use!
*(1) 8 channel mixer
*AUX audio cord  (for most laptops/phones/devices)
*(2) self powered JBL speakers
*(1) cordless & (1)corded microphone
*(1) mic stand

         *(1) music stand

Feel free to bring all your own gear, cords, instruments as needed/wanted. We’ve hosted  live bands, 14 piece orchestras & soloists alike. We don’t have any in house instruments at this time…..our pianos have all passed away.



Our studio is equipped with a full bathroom inside to the left as you walk in.

*utility sink in the bathroom

*a vintage claw foot bath tub that is fully operational with hot water

(Please do bring your own towels & toiletries if necessary for your booking)

There is a small kitchenette area for craft services which includes:

*full sized fridge (tho please tell us in advance if  & how much space you require.)

*espresso maker

*french press

*electric tea kettle


*ninja blender


*convection oven


*electric rice cooker/veggie steamer

*cups, plates, utensils, etc.

*(5) folding tables of various sizes

Please bring whatever you may want/need if we don’t have it on the list!

We do ask to kindly pack it in and pack it out tho- especially food related to keep unwanted pests away. Fruit flies are one of our least favorite guests.


                                                   Seating & Studio Arrangement

There’s an assortment of unique chairs donated from the SF Opera & the Center of Sex & Culture. In house there are 70 stacking chairs. Often we have at least one couch or two with decorative throw pillows. We have foam matts for floor seating. 

If you would like to bring in your own chairs or couches, that’s totally cool too.



We have risers set up proscenium style with 3 tiers, seating for up to 49 people.

The risers can also be transformed & used as platform stages for bands & performances.

What kind of arrangement works for your event? How would you like to set up?

Please contact for a consultation and/or site visit to discuss all the options.  The space often transforms with each production in a wide variety of ways between flooring, seating, curtains & lighting.  It could require some amount of time to adjust for your exact vision…..regardless, we want to make it happen. 



Looking forward to hearing from you soon!





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