Little Boxes Theater

We warmly invite you to Little Boxes Theater, a hidden gem “old San Francisco” style. We are a vibrant multi-use studio & performing arts venue in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. We love to produce & host everything and anything such as Circus & Aerial, Pole Arts, Dance, Theater, Opera, Live Music, Gallery Showings, Private Events, Workshops, Photography, and Film productions since 2013!

We are here to provide the building blocks of production, unique new works, and live underground performance. A creative incubator with no limits. We are an artist-driven, queer feminist organization. We are the fringe of the fringe. A connecting flight.

We enjoy cultivating artists, engaging with communities, as well as inspiring and opening audiences’ minds to limitless experiences.

We are fiscally sponsored through Independent Arts & Media.

Mission Statement:

Little Boxes has and will always continue to encourage inclusivity & nourish diversity of race, class, cultural heritage, artistic expression, ability, age, gender identity, sexual orientation and everyone exactly how they are and choose to be as they move through life. A safer space that’s physically and economically accessible for all. We believe in the energizing power of Yes! Providing the building blocks of production of  unique new works and live underground performance. We are an artist-driven, queer feminist organization. A connecting flight. We enjoy cultivating with artists, engaging community, inspiring and opening audiences’ minds to the limitless experiences

At heart, LBT is an Arts Service Organization. As such priorities are balanced between the curation of in-house collaborative works and the technical support of individual artistic visions.

The 2600 sqft studio is maintained as a versatile entity, ready to facilitate dance, theater, drag & performance arts, circus, opera, film and photography. At standard the space is maintained as a crossover black box dance theater and production studio. 

LBT provides in-house production experience from set building to lighting and sound as well as  maintaining and providing high quality professional gear, material goods and expendables for  artists utilizing the space.  In this way, core programming has for 9 years manifested as broadband creative support for performing artists of all disciplines, with a focus on underfunded and intersectional Queer representation. 

Growing their artist residency program as an organic extension of early monthly open house performance evenings. LBT supports developed artists by providing a space to focus on process driven concept work as a  powerful tool for developing personal stories into relevant content.