Daylight Studio for Photography & Film!

Posted 2/26 2014

Since A-K Arts Collective came together, we have produced images in a wide & diverse range of studios and some of the most beautiful locations this the country has to offer!  Mingling our passions together; art, dance, performance, we decided to join forces and  lend our efforts towards building a studio that matches the multitudinous needs, for that perfect shot, to be captured in a perfect moment. Thus, Little Boxes Theater was born!


We have a multitude of paper and fabric backdrops in various colors & sizes including but not limited to: white, black, studio gray, green screen, orange, blue, and large multi-toned painterly fabric backdrops. We have white walls & 30ft of mirrors (that can be covered). Full length burgundy velvet theater curtains cover the windows and black out curtains can be added for daytime productions that are light sensitive. We also have white Snow Camoflauge.



Our west facing wall of windows provides days of natural light, especially in the afternoons & perfect for sunset silhouette shots. We have some reflectors to bounce light around as well as blue & red rolls of cellophane to add some bursts of color to the picture.


We have 2 in-house Einstein strobes with modifiers soft boxes, backdrop stands, tripods and a few other light sources around. However, feel free to bring your own photo gear that you are familiar with or would like to test in our space. We also accept tax deductible ‘In Kind’ donations of lighting equipment.

Our studio is equipped with amenities such as a utility sink in the in-studio bathroom & a vintage (yet fully operational) claw foot bath tub with an over-head shower attachment. we understand people get dirty during many shoots, with paint & powder, mud….ok, well at least we do.


We attempt to keep clean towels on hand, though, we cannot completely guarantee it; please do bring your own towels if you think it may be necessary for your shoot.  unfortunately, at this time we do not have an in studio washing machine or dryer.





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