JAN 9-14th 2019…Forecast calls for RAIN inside!!

  • Love shooting in the rain but find that you have no control over the weather?

    Do you just wish that rain & models would easily, simultaneously, coordinate with each other?

    Frustrated with the lack of sunshine when it’s stormy & thus your lighting is off?

    Worried about how cold the rain is then of course your model catches pneumonia and black-lists you all over the internet and then that was the end of your career as a photographer?!

    Well, here at Little Boxes Theater, A-K Arts solve all of these issues for you.

    ***(above image of Kitty in the rain captured by Stephen Cullum)***

    We have built our very own indoor rain machine & a small reflecting pond for your photoshoot pleasures.

    -We provide in-house strobes & modifiers, slaves, wizards, backdrops, props, & H20!

    -We do all the shoot preparation, set up, break down & clean up.

    -We foot the water & electric bills. (The water is hot like your shower!)

    -We are also always prepared to jump in the rain, get our feet wet, splash around & model soaking wet. Solo &/or together as a duo.

    -We also gladly assist & encourage other models with easy directions

    -All you need is your beautiful creative self & definitely bring your camera too.

    -Tripods & triggers can be helpful along with a towel.

    -Bring umbrellas, flowers, gowns, hats, anything that you would like to get WET!

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