Painting with Light. Photo Workshop with instructor Jesse Vasquez

13963021_10209690827008519_1691430124794838036_oPhotographic artist Jesse Vasquez brings his unique vision to this popular technique of long-exposure photography. Concerned primarily with the human form, he has been using this technique to create stunning portraits and fine art for over 20 years. His initial body of work  Creatures of Light reached into the roots of mythology, creating imagery that is ephemeral, weighty and timeless and was produced using only simple flashlights as the light source and a 35mm film camera. For this workshop we will be using digital cameras, which enable a much greater degree of refinement in the initial capture. Students will learn to see objects and figures as forms of energy and then to translate this vision into compelling photographic compositions.


This workshop will consist of a short introduction to the tools and technical issues involved in planning a shoot and then move quickly into shooting with live models, as experience is the best teacher.


A-K Arts models, professional & experienced dancer/model pair, will be the willing subjects for these workshops. See just a glimpse of their portfolio together

Attendees are encouraged (but not required) to bring:

– A camera which can be set to bulb
– A tripod
– A dramatic, interesting piece of clothing.
– A light source or two (a cell phone works nicely)PWL_Workshop_night2_20160903_-9.jpg


Attendees may also show up with nothing but a desire to learn, and be assured of gaining something which will enhance their own practice and experience of photography.

To reserve your spot, please email ASAP, limited availability. June 18th & 19th, 7-10pm


Looking forward to painting with light and you soon, here in the darkness at Little Boxes.


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