Queer As Merfolk! A Dining Experience with Undines.

Sirens singing and splashing and seducing you out of your seat.

Babes supplying Burlesque full of Booty.

Performance Art of various Ocean dwellers.

Octopuses, jellyfishes, and tales of whales.

Seamen & Pirates & Sailors Oh my!

Featuring Bo Vixxen, Trixxie Carr, Lulu Applebruise, Juliano Wade, Kitty Meow, Nix the Siren, Captain Defee, Leda Swan, and more bootylicious babes!15203293_1232117533525974_7428063071204997336_n

Fresh Sushi in an exotic & exquisite display.

Luscious libations to keep your lips wet.

Pockets full of clams for salty drinks please

Nautical costumes encouraged.

Swim away with us for an evening devoted to the ocean.

reserve your life raft: http://queerasmerfolk.bpt.me

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