Death & Taxes. In-the-Red April 15th


Make your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation here:

Check to see if your employer matches donations, ahem ahem, GOOGLE!!

We truly appreciate ALL contributions.  It greatly helps our mission to continue to support the underfunded, underground, indie arts community of the Bay Area & beyond.

We accept In-Kind donations as well including but not limited to: LED theater & film/photo lights & modifiers, black-out & stage curtains, computers, operational cordless microphones, rear projection screens for film showings, high end photo printer, beer & wine for open house events & non-profit productions, etc.

What’s taking up space in your home, garage, office, storage?

Join us for a small soiree April 15th, 5pm here at Little Boxes Theater.



  1. Hello Aaron and Christina,
    I’m scaling back my activities and I have a “high end photo printer” I can donate. (I have two and can donate the older one.) It’s an Epson 3800, which takes sheets up to 17 x 22. Ten years old, but used lightly and lovingly. It consistently gets perfect nozzle checks, including today, and prints beautifully. Coincidentally, its nine ink carts are almost all pretty much full with Epson K3 ink. USB cable included.
    Let me know what you think. Michael

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