Antic in a Drain (Artistic Director, Ross Travis) proudly presents the west coast tour of Tempting Fate, a satirical sideshow entertainment reflecting the house of mirrors called climate change. Balk at the science, bemoan the social impacts, and scream in horror at the political divide. Youll find yourself laughing at the grotesque hyperbole, and the fantastically fecund characters bedecked in disdain and hubris. See Mother Earth talk trash to those who bite her tit while suckling her life-giving abundance. 

Ross Travis teams up with legendary clown pedagogue and director Ronlin Foreman to create an original one-man bouffon show. Bouffon is a traditional, grotesque, satirical form of physical theatre codified from many satirical traditions throughout history (including the Feast of Fools celebration during medieval times and the Satyr plays of the ancient Greeks) by the French theatre provocateur Jacques Lecoq in the 50s and 60s. Tempting Fate is full of climatological characters, from a tempestuous Harpy straight from the land of mythology bringing an ominous reminder from the gods to a former Oil Executive, now a sustainable farmer at a Climate Changers Anonymous meeting, struggling with the difficulty of his new off the grid life in a yurt with a backed up compostable toilet. 

Written and Performed by Ross Travis. 
Direction, Set Design and Mask Design by Ronlin Foreman. 
Costume Design by Lydia Foreman. 
Wing Design by Crooked Feather.
Harpy Feet Design by Barnacle Brothers
Animation Design by Omer Gal.
Sound Design by Richard Newman and Jon Steinmeier.
Puppet Design by Ronlin Foreman and Genna Beth Davidson
Graphic Design by Ayla Bell and Ernesto Sopprani. 
Photography by Eric Gillet.

Co- Production with Little Boxes Theater & Antic in a Drain

May 17-21st, 2023 reboot!


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