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Please send us a note with the usual and possibly unusual specifics for your ideal: event, showing, party, meeting, audition, shoot, film, workshop, class, rehearsal, gathering, soiree, occasion, ceremony, ritual, act, occasion, experience…

We have and continue to host various unique events including but not limited to: dance, performance art, contortion butoh, puppet salons, burlesque acts, shibari suspension workshops, photo group shoots with multiple photographers & models, body paint parties, music videos, indie films, live figure modeling drawing sessions, movie night and so on.

We do have a wide range and variety of friends in the bay area community of creatives, so inquire if you have interests to outsource a particular type of performance or even custom costuming and we will do our best to provide the top quality!

We like to know your schedule….send us a few potential dates with start time & estimated duration. want to make sure the date you need is available? Usually with 2-4 weeks notice we can accommodate your booking requests. our up to date online calendar listed with public viewing access & requests are here:

To reserve your ideal date(s) & time(s), we accept online deposits & payments with Square, Venmo & PayPal, as well as money orders & checks that don’t bounce 😉





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