JAN 9-14th 2019…Forecast calls for RAIN inside!!

  • Love shooting in the rain but find that you have no control over the weather?

    Do you just wish that rain & models would easily, simultaneously, coordinate with each other?

    Frustrated with the lack of sunshine when it’s stormy & thus your lighting is off?

    Worried about how cold the rain is then of course your model catches pneumonia and black-lists you all over the internet and then that was the end of your career as a photographer?!

    Well, here at Little Boxes Theater, A-K Arts solve all of these issues for you.

    ***(above image of Kitty in the rain captured by Stephen Cullum)***

    We have built our very own indoor rain machine & a small reflecting pond for your photoshoot pleasures.

    -We provide in-house strobes & modifiers, slaves, wizards, backdrops, props, & H20!

    -We do all the shoot preparation, set up, break down & clean up.

    -We foot the water & electric bills. (The water is hot like your shower!)

    -We are also always prepared to jump in the rain, get our feet wet, splash around & model soaking wet. Solo &/or together as a duo.

    -We also gladly assist & encourage other models with easy directions

    -All you need is your beautiful creative self & definitely bring your camera too.

    -Tripods & triggers can be helpful along with a towel.

    -Bring umbrellas, flowers, gowns, hats, anything that you would like to get WET!

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Project Open Box

P2280489.JPGWe would love to invite you to our “Third Place”.

Be a part of our community here down on Third Street!

Everybody wins with a little bit o’ fiscal localism 🙂

Opportunities to donate to Project Open Box are always accepted with grace and appreciation.

Donors, Sponsors, Interns, Volunteers, Students, Teachers and like minded Artists!

Tax Deductible Donations are available via IAM, Independent Arts & Media.


Please email directly for more information on how you can help support shoe-string art spaces, of and for the artists just like you.

Life is a masterpiece. Strive for perfection and enjoy the ride.



Project :Open Box. Monthly Art & Performance Mixer

Free Last Fridays! We have a monthly mixer with exhibitions of work by A-K Arts Collective and a unique blend live entertainment from a variety of bay area’s best! Our opening gala featured performances  choreographed by Sandrine Cassini & Erik Wagner. Erik Wagner also performed an incredible improvised solo, the talented butoh contortionist Michael Curran, the hilarious puppeteer Nick Knave and an ever entertaining dance duo with Nol Simonse.


Friday, March 28, 8-10pm, our feature performance artist, musician and boundary breaking,  fabulous Faux Queen Trixxie Carr! http://www.trixxiecarr.com


Last Friday in May…nope. 4th Friday…cuz we are busy being in Vegas!

An evening of live performance & art with a multitude of magnificent artists including:

The devine & beautifully moving Mojo DeVille

A new solo performed by the noble Noah Kopp

LIVE ART created on the spot by Pete Doolittle
A collection of his works will be displayed and for sale.
A brand new collaboration with body mapping multimedia & projection artist Paul Ackerman and Release Technique Choreographer Luis Paul Canales dancing with the light.

****Do you have an act, show, performance, piece, movement, song, duet, poem, sketch, or whatnot that
you would like to show here at Little Boxes Theater?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with a direct message or email:



Come on down and join us for drink or two!
We have a line up of beautiful humans 🙂

Musical Duo Shobhan Smash & Simon Templar will tickle your eardrums & perform their unique original songs. The professional tease Mercy Christine Daaé will be fluffing her feathers for you. We are pleased to bring back projection artist friends from last month: Paul Ackerman. Working in collaboration with Santa Cruz acrobatic teacher, aerialist and gymnast Chelsea Anne Moreno on the Lyra. An edgy sexy atmospheric choreographed piece with lots of color, passion and music by Kronos. And last but not least the ever fantastic Luis Paul Canales will surprise our eyes yet again pushing the envelope!

and usually a surprise improv act….don’t leave early!

A Variety Style Evening of Entertainment while enjoying Cheap Drinks with Artists & Performers!


This month we are excited to be hosting the beautiful and talented Star Shine to our stage! She has an avant guard dance piece en pointe that you will not want to miss a moment of….get ready to be in awe! Feel free to check out one of her past performances and you will see why we are thrilled to host her here at Little Boxes Theater!



Princess Cream Pie will be singing her naughty heart out with bawdy musical parodies a la Disney that will make you wish you wore that adult diaper!


Karlyn DeSteno a singer/songwriter will be playing guitar and singing original work! 


Karen Penley will be doing a comedic theatrical number:
‘Feral Girl’.
Find out more:


Vollmer ending our evening off with a live set of
Rock n roll and blues inspired by the ultimate game of william tell and to remind you that the Voice of the Muse always comes at a price…
They are dedicated San Francisco artists, fans of Joan and Bill, avowed feminists, we’re here to examine the price of inspiration, and to bring light to the memory of Joan Vollmer, and others (including Bill) whose sacrifices made possible some of the greatest literature of the last century.


do you want to perform? have something in mind?
Here at Little Boxes Theater, we have a very open door policy. Our goal to is to create an inviting environment for all types of artists to feel welcome sharing what they do with other artists and friends.
email us a few details about what you would like to share:

AUGUST: Free Last Friday! For the Burners who aren’t going…and everyone else.

Little Boxes Theater is here for you just when you thought there was nothing fun & FREE to do on the last Friday of the month when all those other people you like to hang out with are gone getting burnt.Our performers for the evening of entertainment:
Vaudie Vaudie Vaudie! Vaudie Va Boom
she directs the world’s only cannibalistic can-can troupe called The Can-Cannibals http://thecancannibals.com
She is also the co-creator of the dynamic burlesque duo The Dishrag Dollies!
Bella Badonkadonk Burlesque Performance Art!
Green Tooth Girl with lyrics are chilling vocalizations of her dreams and fantasy.
Hot Giggles! A San Francisco Comedy Troupe!
 Let us know if you or anyone you know has an act/piece/dance/performance/song/poem/etc that is aching to be seen outside of their domicile/bedroom/mirror self reflection!
Our talented performers this month include:
Noah Kopp. Noah is a dancer and choreographer of original works. Come see his movements debut here at Little Boxes Theater!
A short clip can be found here:
 Rusty Rebar & Shavi Blake.
Poetry and spoken word joined together with improvisational harmonizing tunes to nod your head to!
NO SPELL CHECK! Live writings by Aaron Simunovich on his vintage cabernet colored Smith-Corona typewriter. Inspired by crowd participation with their suggestions of words & topics!
After the performances……..impromptu pole instructions and yes cheap drinks to ENJOY!
1-Movie on 9-4-026
Ok…so this one isn’t on the Final Friday…cuz that lands on Halloween…and we figured that would cut into our trick or treating time….
This month we are pleased to be graced with the exquisite professional dancer, Nicole Jackman,
who will be performing a brand-new and original piece choreographed specifically for her by the talented Marika Brussel. This presentation will be their debut of work together and we are honored to share it here at Little Boxes Theater.
1-Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.55.54 PM_MG_0404
Princess Cream Pie! YES YES YES! She’s back with her bawdy act which will undoubtably leave you in stitches. Disney’s princesses told her their secrets that are too naughty for words unsung! Prepare to laugh your ass off! https://twitter.com/MissCreamPie
Joining us for the first time is Omer Gal, who is a musical performance artist. He will be sharing his ‘Shitheads’ act here and well we don’t know exactly what to expect but to say the least, it looks like quite a unique sight to be seen and heard indeed!
We also have a beautiful Butoh inspired dance choreographed and performed by the humble Bob Webb.
Nov. 28, 2014
This month’s mixer falls on the craziest buying shit you don’t need day of the year. Avoid all that commercialized sheep shopping mental nonsense. Join us for evening of entertainment with a handful of talented artists sharing what they love just for the sake of ART.
Leah Marie Bueno of STRANDEDartists is going to perform a unique duet dancing together with Keith McCann. We are very excited to host this beautiful duo!


Michael Glenn performed an excerpt from an original play of his own making proving the inert minutiae of    corporate relationships and the nonsensical guidelines of the plebeian Ego.  A full weekend of showings of this Original Work will be the third weekend of May. Support Local Art!!!


Aaron Simunovich with his unique unedited LIVE typing on our vintage cabernet Smith Corona..topics by audience participation; so bring your .50 cent words to the table!


Yes…of course…we are still adding to the line-up…how you would like to show off your talents?
Got a friend who needs to get up on stage already and share their work in progress?
please feel free to contact us directly; we’re very open minded regarding performance pieces and welcome all with open arms into our small arts space. Please email us here: littleboxestheater@gmail.com

A-K Arts will be offering quick gesture poses for all you artists out there intermittently throughout the evening. However, we will only be posing if we see those sketchpads out & crayons in hand!
Check out a glimpse of art influenced by their human form:
13 - 31463163_10152079222280485_1860831842_n1511040_10200617718640193_2058336327_n1015058_528315773882473_660131480_o


We will also be selling raffles to win various prints featuring A-K Arts Collective.
some examples of this photography can be found here:

*****OPEN BOX****
January 30th edition

This event will be an evening full of talent and not to be missed. Unique and exciting works by a variety of friends, new and old and maybe some untold…..

It is a free event however we kindly, graciously appreciate and accept donations.. please feel free to donate here http://openbox.bpt.me/

We honored to share our stage once again with choreographer, dancer & teacher Erik Wagner!
This time he will be sharing his newest creation.
“Glass Slippers”, a dance piece about the psychological and physical manifestations of unrest, and states of dis-ease or being without ease. In a delusional state, false hope of comfort come in many forms.
Copious Dance Theater, a San Francisco based modern dance company directed bKat Roman will be performing Wagner‘s work.


The Musical man Sean Lee aka The Man of Drum Stringer: one man banjo band! Yup he does it solo & LIVE!
He plays banjo & is a vocalist with The Hobo Gobbelins, another must see band!


We warmly welcome back dancer Julia Eiser who will be performing an original expressive dance piece. Her background is ballet and contemporary dance.


Zenotope is the experimental future bass musical project of producer Zaak Kerstetter. Zenotope focuses on building diverse soundscapes that envelop the listener in a multilayered realm by interweaving elements of glitch, ambient, downtempo, and bass with doses of classical, sci-fi, and surrealist influences. When Zenotope creates, he channels musical concepts that immerse listeners in emotion. https://soundcloud.com/zenotope

Aaron Simunovich with his vintage Smith Corona Typewriter inspired by your words, yes it’s an audience participation poetry-ish writing performance on the spot with NO SPELLCHECK!

yes…..there may be more…..cuz why the fuck not?
got something you want to share?


Get here before the show starts…its just better that way!

Powder Photography!

IMG_0003 Join us for one of the most fun, insanely messy yet totally worth it shoots here! We love throwing hundreds of pounds of powder around here at Little Boxes. These shoots are not for the gluten free folks. Clouds of flour in the air all day long…sometimes we keep it going for up to a week just because it’s such an intensely huge clean up job.

Our next opportunity starts this Saturday September 24 through as late as the 29th ( depending on confirmed interest in bookings). Reserve your half or full day, with or without A-K Arts as your models. You won’t be sorry! No other studio in the Bay Area is crazy enough to host this type of epic mess….

Explosive Timing_RHM4669_processed_web_DSC1235-Edit-fbwmhighres_430128792highres_402956842highres_401257042highres_401567982highres_402649432highres_402228782highres_402260002highres_402260032highres_402649512highres_402228862highres_429828552Flour-0347 BnW smFlour-0721

Let It Rain_RHM4988_processed_webFlour-0555 BnW smFlour-0646Flour-0865 BnWAaron'sgottheflourGattafallininflourGattaGATTA flourassbiteKittyAaronGATTA

A-K Arts Collective is the in-house dynamic duo here at Little Boxes Theater.

We love to play with somewhat messy concepts that recently include flour, ash, sugar & Holi powder!

We schedule group shoots, workshops, & meet up photography as often as there is confirmed interest, do contact us if you want to participate in these events as they are always a fun learning experience that updates your professional photography portfolio.

The Dance Floor & Staging Area



A-K Arts Collective has  many years of experience constructing sprung dance floors around the Bay Area and  our floor here at Little Boxes is the best one yet!  We customized our floor to fit the needs of  seasoned dancers, and to give an extra spring in each step across its massive 1300 square feet. Roughly 30ft by 40ft.160329-LB-Theater-1204We also have brand new Marley Flooring, which is Black/White reversible.  Our west facing wall of windows lets the natural light in all day & in the afternoon it streams  beautifully  across the walls. The studio mirrors span 30ft by 8ft. There are curtains to cover the mirrors as well, for those who don’t want to get stuck checking themselves out all day 😉



Bookings are available!
We will work with your schedule; earlybirds and night owls are welcomed equally.
Our online calendar with up-to-date schedule is here:
Contact us using the form below.

Arty Paint Party

  • This colorful ceremony was an experiment of movement from singular primary to complimentary couplettes, involving the loving skin of a few brave couples and a huge canvas! This happening was co-hosted by Retrotie & Anastasia!

  • photos by: Marcuslikesit

Daylight Studio for Photography & Film!

Since A-K Arts Collective came together, we have produced images in a wide & diverse range of studios and some of the most beautiful locations this the country has to offer!  Mingling our passions together; art, dance, performance, we decided to join forces and  lend our efforts towards building a studio that matches the multitudinous needs, for that perfect shot, to be captured in a perfect moment. Thus, Little Boxes Theater was born!


We have a multitude of paper and fabric backdrops in various colors & sizes including but not limited to: white, black, studio gray, green screen, orange, blue, and large multi-toned painterly fabric backdrops. We have white walls & 30ft of mirrors (that can be covered). Full length burgundy velvet theater curtains cover the windows and black out curtains can be added for daytime productions that are light sensitive. We also have white Snow Camoflauge.



Our west facing wall of windows provides days of natural light, especially in the afternoons & perfect for sunset silhouette shots. We have some reflectors to bounce light around as well as blue & red rolls of cellophane to add some bursts of color to the picture.


We have 2 in-house Einstein strobes with modifiers soft boxes, backdrop stands, tripods and a few other light sources around. However, feel free to bring your own photo gear that you are familiar with or would like to test in our space. We also accept tax deductible ‘In Kind’ donations of lighting equipment.

Our studio is equipped with amenities such as a utility sink in the in-studio bathroom & a vintage (yet fully operational) claw foot bath tub with an over-head shower attachment. we understand people get dirty during many shoots, with paint & powder, mud….ok, well at least we do.


We attempt to keep clean towels on hand, though, we cannot completely guarantee it; please do bring your own towels if you think it may be necessary for your shoot.  unfortunately, at this time we do not have an in studio washing machine or dryer.